Happy Soul Holistic

Wellness & Birth

Providing holistic maternal support and healing throughout your fertility, birth and postpartum journey.

Doula Support

Holistic support for your labour and birth journey. Doulas are non-medical care providers who can support you and your family throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. We offer physical, emotional and informational support to both the mother and partner.

Holistic Wellness

Providing a variety of therapeutic, holistic treatments to support your mind, body and soul. Reflexology, energy healing and various aromatherapy treatments as well as custom blending services, are available.


Aromatherapy is the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted essential oils or aromatic essences, from plants to balance, harmonize, and promote the health and of body, mind, and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological, and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.

A holistic approach is one that understands that the body has an innate tendency to heal itself and return to balance. With intuitive and logical insight we can gain an understanding of what is needed to support all of the body systems in their return to balance.

Meet the Doula

Tracy MacDonald – Owner/Practitioner
Registered Reflexology Practitioner | Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional | Second Degree Reiki Practitioner | Certified Holistic Full Spectrum Doula | Holistic Reproductive Practitioner 

Tracy is the owner and practitioner behind Happy Soul Holistic. She specializes in maternal wellness including reproductive issues, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and loss.

After having her first child in 2010, she discovered aromatherapy and the vast effect essential oils can have on emotions. Incorporating essential oils made a huge difference in her emotional wellbeing while dealing with anxiety and postpartum depression. This sparked an interest in alternative health modalities as a means of healing and improving her mental and physical health. This journey inspired her to learn more and pursue a career as a holistic practitioner.

Birth work soon called after her longing to have a successful vbac with her second child. This path introduced Tracy to the doula world.  After having a much more fulfilling and empowering birth experience with her next two births, she saw what a difference having that support made. She has become very passionate about supporting other families through birth, postpartum and the sacred transition to parenthood.

Tracy has obtained certifications in Second Degree Reiki, Reflexology, as a Holistic Full Spectrum Doula and Clinical Aromatherapist. She is also certified as a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner with By the Moon. Tracy is an active member of the RRCO – Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario, the CFA – Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, and the AOD – Association of Ontario Doulas.

In her spare time you can find her reading, practicing yoga or running around the farm after three busy children (as well as a dog, some cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, a few cats, and a partridge in a pear tree). She lives on a small farm outside of Rostock, Ontario with her husband and three children.


Love Notes

“Enjoyed an aroma massage and reflexology treatment! At 8 months pregnant this was just what I needed. A fantastic way to spend a relaxing day off. It was time to take a few hours for some much needed “me” time before I welcome a newborn into the world with a crazy busy toddler!”

Lindsay M.

“What a wonderful aroma massage! Would recommend it to anyone needing to relax.”

Anita S.

“Could not ask for a more professional, organized and knowledgeable person then Tracy. I highly recommend any of her services!”

Andrea M.

“I must share how impressed I am and how amazing I feel after my first Reflexology and Reiki session with Tracy MacDonald at Orchard Valley Spa! Being in the wellness industry as long as I have, I have had many experiences to compare today’s treatment to and I can 100% say this was the best experience I’ve ever had! Of course, I work at OVS so some may take this review as a little bias but I assure you it is not. Tracy is so genuinely kind, nurturing, professional and thorough with all that she does, I never for a second even felt like I was in my own work space. She transported me to my very own happy, peaceful place:) I give my highest recommendation to book in and experience her for yourself!”

Jessica S.Orchard Valley Spa - Shakespeare, ON

“Reiki and reflexology appointment has me waking up a new girl today!! Feeling great.”

Valerie S.Orchard Valley Spa - Shakespeare, ON

“I’ve tried two of three services Tracy offers. Why did I try? 1) I trust Sherry and what she chooses the spa to offer and 2) Having met Tracy and feeling like I was genuinely unique like I was the first and only client in her day. Highly recommend. I also hide my personal blend. Friends can smell it but I just cannot share it.”

T.M.Orchard Valley Spa - Shakespeare, ON

“Since my first experience with Tracy, I have had her by my side as my Doula for the birth of my second son. My first son ended up a cesarean birth and I was determined to deliver my 2nd safely but by VBAC. Tracy was so comforting and knowledgeable and empowered me the whole way through. She is a beautiful soul who forever has a special place in my heart for guiding me, and my partner, through it until the very happy ending. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tracy!”

Jessica S.Holistic Doula Support - Birth & Postpartum Doula Client

“Tracy was wonderful at my birth, as well as before and after! Her support helped me and my husband be confident on the most important day of our lives, the birth of our daughter! Her reflexology sessions postpartum were one of the best things for me, it really relaxed me in such an intense transition. She also made an aromatherapy oil for massage during the birth and mixed the leftovers with bath salts which was wonderful postpartum! We couldn’t have asked for more, and are immensely grateful to Tracy for everything.”

Bénédicte L.Holistic Doula Support - Birth & Postpartum Doula Client

“I had an amazing aromatherapy reflexology appointment with Tracy. She guided me in selecting a beautiful blend of high quality essential oils to be used during my treatment. Tracy put me at ease explaining how the reflexology would go, which areas of my body she would be focusing on and to let her know if there were any current health / life concerns that she could help address.

This was probably the best body treatment I’ve had (from any type of practice !) in over a year. I felt in total relaxation, safe under her touch, and that I was wishing the treatment would never end! I especially loved the unique practice of massaging my head, scalp, and face – it left me feeling totally relaxed and rested.

Tracy finished with reflexology on my feet and it was such a euphoric experience to notice how her touch on my feet, was sending sensations through other areas of my body – for me, while she was touching my toes, I felt it pulsing through my sinuses – the body is a marvellous thing and Tracy knew how to unlock all of those amazing feelings with her touch!”

Laura F.Orchard Valley Spa - Shakespeare, ON

“Thank you so much for the reflexology and reiki session today! I feel absolutely amazing. I feel so blessed to have you on our journey. You have such amazing energy!”

S.D.Holistic Doula Support ~ Birth & Postpartum Client