Descriptions & Pricing


Aromatherapy Consultation

cost + length varies

All new clients receive a complimentary aromatherapy consultation before a treatment. We also provide aromatherapy and wellness consultations for clients interested in exploring treatment options or customized aromatherapy products/blends to help with their health concerns and specific needs. All consultations include education about how to use essential oils and aromatherapy products safely and effectively. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Aroma Massage

$120 (60 min, plus consult)

This unique massage combines the therapeutic properties of essential oils with specialized massage techniques concentrating on the nerve centres of the back and face. It is beneficial for reducing stress, balancing the body systems and increases the fluidity of blood and lymph. This light massage is done using an oil blend customized to your specific needs. It will leave you feeling balanced, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Aromatherapy Facial

$110 (45 min, plus consult)

A luxurious facial treatment using all natural products and essential oils. Includes facial compresses, cleanser, toner, deep cleansing mask, scalp/shoulder massage using a customized oil blend, which is then gently applied to your face using relaxing massage techniques. All products are freshly handmade and customized to your skin’s specific needs.

Customized Aromatherapy
Products + Essential Oil Blends

cost varies

We are able to create a number of natural products, containing essential oils, to replace many of the items you use in your home, such as personal care, beauty and even cleaning products. We also specialize in creating customized aromatherapy blends for diffusing, massage, etc. Please contact for more details.

Reflexology Sessions

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapeutic modality where light pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet or hands using finger and thumb techniques thus relieving stress, tension and improving circulation.

Foot Reflexology Session

$80 (60 min)

3 Session Package – $225

This full session involves stimulating specific foot reflexes to alleviate stress, release blockages, enhance circulation + provide overall balance within the body. This treatment is incredibly relaxing and beneficial for your whole body. It can be done sitting in a chair or lying on our massage table, tucked in with cozy blankets and pillows for ultimate comfort.

Hand Reflexology

$55 (30 min)

Very similar to foot reflexology, but using the reflex points on the hands.

Child/Youth Reflexology

$50 (30 min)

Full reflexology session for littles and youth. It will help with balancing all systems in the body, improving relaxation and circulation. Price and session time may vary depending on age.


Full Reiki Session

$80 (60 min)

Reiki is a Japanese ‘laying of the hands’ technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It works with your body’s chakras, which can be described as energy centres within your body. The practitioner goes over specific points in your body and works to dissipate excess energy and send more energy to areas that may be lacking. They also work to release any blocks that you may have in your system.


Happy Soul Package

$160 (90 min, plus consult)

A one-hour full-body Aroma-massage, followed by a Reflexology treatment. A therapeutic duo that will leave you feeling balanced, promote healing and provide lymphatic and circulatory support.

Reflexology + Reiki Combo

$115 (90 min)

A full Reflexology and Reiki treatment, one after the other. An incredibly relaxing duo of healing energy and balancing of the body systems.

Workshops + Workplace Wellness Programs

We teach various essential oil education or make + take workshops within Perth County are surrounding areas. Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming dates.

We are also able to provide services to local businesses wishing to incorporate aromatherapy or any of our services into their workplace wellness programs. Private events, parties or individual workshops can be arranged as well.